Taking control of my mental health

Mental Health is something that is discussed a lot more these days, but still not enough. I am lucky enough to have been open about my own mental health and was able to receive the support I needed for this.

A lot of my previous posts, I have set myself the goal to continue with my counselling, as I could see improvements within myself, but I also set myself goals to make myself happier within myself. See my March post for example –


I am a very organised person, and I like to make lists so I know what I have to look forward too, which I think helps with my happiness aswell, some of my family laugh at this – but I know it is the best thing for myself so I will never stop doing it for their accord.

I am happy to say that this along with the cbt sessions I received has meant that my counsellor has now given me the chance to receive extra help if I need it, or I could get signed off, as she told me that she has seen a massive improvement in myself, which I have also seen. This is a huge step for me, and it makes me so emotionally happy!

I would definitely recommend the sessions to anyone if you can do it, and just to let you know that you are not alone – try and talk to someone if you can, and I am always here if anyone ever needs to talk, it is something that should always be talked about and not just brushed under the carpet, as we know this is something that happens in some people’s cases – celebrities included but not just celebrities.

I know I’ve not blogged in a while, but I’ve been trying to think of something to write about and there is nothing as real and special as this post is, so I hope you all read it as much as my other posts.

Talk again soon,




Easter Weekend 🐣

I hope you all had a lovely Easter, I know I did! 4 day weekends should be made a thing right? We all deserve it – trust me!

It’s nice to just have time to yourself to just relax – sit back and wind down, and do nothing- well I say nothing, but nothing too strenuous. It’s time for you and I have learnt that we do not need to do a lot or these that cost a lot – yes I may be broke right now, but that is not the reason behind this – however this is now a life lesson to me!

On Friday, we went for a picnic in some gardens near him, which was amazing, the weather was just beautiful, and it was so lovely for a walk around. The picnic was perfect, and we had a look at all the animals before playing some pitch and putt – the only downfall – but of course I would say that because I lost! Not the sport for me!

After this, we went home and went to the beer garden to enjoy more rays!

This weekend, I have done things I have not done since I was younger.

On Saturday I went on a bike ride, I’ve not done this for about 13 years since I was 11, other than the gym bikes of course, but in all seriousness, I had no clue what I was doing! The weather was just beautiful and me and my boyfriend went on a bike ride into the village near to him, and sat down in the sun before going home, and getting ready to go to a gin and cider festival near him, with a hog roast – something I’ve never had which was okay I guess 😂

We spent the last day in a park where we walked around, had some lunch in a nearby pub and enjoyed some ice-cream too! So lovely, and a perfect way to end the weekend!

I hope you all had lovely weekends!

Talk again soon,




Hello lovelies,

What a lovely weekend it has been, the best for my birthday! I spent the weekend in Chester, and it was so beautiful! I’ve never really experienced Chester, and thought it would be the best thing to do for my birthday!

I stayed in a place called the ABode in Chester, which was absolutely beautiful, and such a good price for 2 people for 2 nights, and the location could not have been better! Only a 5 minute walk to the centre! It was also conveniently next to a Miller and Carter if you love that restaurant, which I didn’t find out til I’d got there!

I did book some amazing restaurants whilst on my stay though!

On the first night we went to The Yard in Chester which was an Italian restaurant, which was good! I had the Bread for starter which was okay, and then the Prawn Tagliatelle for mains which was so nice!!

My boyfriend had Black Pudding for starter and then the Seafood Risotto and he enjoyed both meals! So I would definitely recommend this place!

The cocktails were also 2 for £10 aswell, so we both had a Cocktail each!

The second night we went to Las Iguanas, which I always enjoy – the cocktails are always amazing, as is the food! We shared Nachos for starter and then both had the Chicken Fajitas – my usual foods when I go there, I also had my fav cocktail – Strawberry Caiprihini , whilst my boyfriend enjoyed the Zombie Cocktails! Which I would also recommend!!

I had my hair and makeup done for this night, as my actual birthday was the next day! I went to Doll Beauty in Chester for my makeup, and I can not fault them! It was so amazing!! And I got my hair done in Deva Beauty by a lovely woman called Jackie which was also fantastic, I got ghd curls, and they lasted all night and all the next day, they’re still in now!!

We also went to some amazing Cocktail bars – Kuckoo bar, which the staff are fantastic in! The cocktails are so nice too!! The alchemist bar, which we had to do, as the one in Manchester and Media City is lovely, so we went in there for a bit, but it was so busy so we found another bar to go into!

We also got to see the Chester Walls, the River, and the Ampitheatre, whilst also enjoying some nice pub grub, and drinks!

And of course going to the Zoo today on my birthday, my favourite place to go with my favourite person!

Altogether, Chester is my new fav, and I hope one day to live there.. keep on dreaming!

Talk again soon,



Hello March

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the inactivity again, but I’m back, and going to be posting more often to try and help with my mental health! I always find writing helps keep me calm, and helps with my stress, and I’ve always loved blogging so I’m hoping this will help me more.

Anyway, it’s March! I can’t believe it, this year is flying already! March is a good month! Pancake day on Tuesday which is amazing, as I love Pancakes! I could literally have them everyday!! Then we have St Patrick’s Day soon, which of course I will be celebrating with a Guinness – I love being Irish!

Then we go into April – which I don’t want to talk about – birthday month and I turn 24, nearly half way to 50! Scary times!

Anyway back to this month, I want to try and set myself some goals, I like making things for myself to try and achieve, and see what I can actually do in the time provided! So for this month my goals are:

  • Work with my CBT to help try to overcome my Depression, Stress and Anxiety! I’ve had a couple of sessions now, they do seem to help at the time, but I need them to help all the time!
  • To become happier in a work environment – don’t get me wrong, I have been happy in work in the past, but I seem to make the wrong decisions, and things affect me a lot, so I need to make the right decision for myself and stick with it.
  • Get myself a diary/pad, I’ve seen a lot I like from the happiness planner and other things, and I think this will help me a lot, as I like organisation! I’ve also seen some nice ones from TKMaxx, that Aoibh Murphy – biabelle beauty has posted on her Instagram, so I might have to have a look in there too!
  • To get back into blogging a lot more, but I want to use photos in this like a lot of other bloggers do, this is how I wanted to blog in the beginning I just find it hard! I’m trying to seek help with this!

If I think of any more, I will add them to the list!

Talk again soon,



Bronzed Brunette 🍊

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the inactivity, been struggling a lot with my mental health, but I’m currently in therapy, so be prepared to see a lot more post from me!

This post is important as it’s all about my favourite thing – being tanned! So I’m going to let you in on my tanning routine and the products that I use to do this!

It is important to plan when you are going to tan, so you are prepared to do this, and have the products you need ready, and also so you are ready!

I start by having a shower, exfoliating and shaving my legs – I know you’re not supposed to do this, but I prefer it this way, and exfoliating after this will help, as exfoliates all the dead skins away for a neater application of tan!

So I use Soap and Glory exfoliating and apply to a sponge, I’ve just used this one, so excuse the gritty bits on it, but it feels so nice to use! I get the sponges from Asda, and they’re so good, you get two in a packet aswell, so it’s good priced really! The exfoliated is about £7 from boots I think, but it lasts so long, had mine since before Christmas now!

To tan, I use a tanning mitt from boots, I love this one cause it’s so thick, so you don’t need to use gloves inside, as it won’t stain your hands, I’ve used some in the past before where you need to wear gloves aswell, and your hands honestly get so sweaty! I think it’s only around £4 from Boots, and I’ve had it for a good few months now, so they’re durable!

The tan is honestly Bondi Sands. I’ve been tanning since I was about 19, and this tan has to be my fav, I started off with St Moriz, but I find it so cheap and it always turned me a green colour, so I would never use it again! This is pricey, at about £18, but it lasts a while, and I use the shade Ultra Dark, as I like being really tanned!

I love the smell of this Moisturiser, the Cocoa Vaseline one from Boots, and it was only about £2, so bargain really! I use it after every shower, to keep the skin moisturised and for my tan to last longer!

I also use the Tan Remover from Bondi Sands to remove when I start getting patchy!

So this was me before Tan

Milky sheep I know!

And this is after!

Feel so much better, it’s amazing what a good tan can do!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this, speak soon,



Christmas ğŸŽ„

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not posting in a while, I’ve just been struggling recently with my mental health and I’ve been trying to concentrate on that!

I’m back with a post about Christmas, and hopefully you will be reading more from me soon!

Anyway, back to Christmas! I love Christmas, spending time with family and friends, it’s such a happy time, and I love the feeling we all get from it! It’s the moments we spend together that count! And having time to spend for a few days with loved ones is so important, and makes you realise what is truly important – it’s not about the presents or any of the other things associated with Christmas, it’s the family time that counts!

Every year, we always celebrate Christmas at home, we always do Christmas dinner at our house, and I usually see my boyfriend in the morning and do our presents together! – I can’t wait for the day we have our own house, and do it all together, well most of it all – as I can’t cook great! I also love the games we play together, and all the Christmas films and programmes we watch all together!

Recently I got tagged in the lovely Yule Times’ blogmas post, which I was truly honoured by! I’ve known Ste for a while now, and this post has really helped with my views, and promotions of my blog! You can also find out more about my Christmas traditions and other Christmas info here!


I want 2019 to be my year, there’s so much I want to change to help it be a better year! Don’t get me wrong, so much has happened this year, some good thing, and some bad! I won’t go into too much detail about the bad thing, but I have met some of the best friends I could ever wish for, finally passed my Beauty Therapy course, and had the best holidays I could ever wish for!

You can read about my fav holidays on my blog here!

Rhodes 2018

Gran Canaria 2018👫☀️💕


Here are some of my New Years resolutions:

  • To concentrate on my mental health, being happy is the most important thing to me, and this is my goal for next year.
  • To be happy in my career, and sort what I want to do in life!
  • To carry on with my blog, I have such a passion for this, and I’ve lost it these past few months, so I need to try to get this back again!
  • To be healthy, and try and achieve the body that I’ve always wanted, I can try and do this!!

Thank you for reading, and talk again soon,



Aloe Vera Gel, and how it’s helped me!

Hi everyone,

I’ve never done a post like this before, but I feel like this one would be a good one for me to try and accomplish! I also want to let you in on this product as well!

So recently, I’ve been struggling with hair loss from my eyebrows! So much so, that I now have bald patches at both ends of an eyebrow! I had a look online, and seen the brands such as ‘Rapidbrow’ and others, which cost an arm and a leg, for a product that in reality is only going to last a couple of weeks.

So instead of searching for brow products, I changed my search to things that help your eyebrows grow, and straight away, it said “Aloe Vera gel”. I turned to my mum at this point, and said “I can only try it really can’t I?” So I researched to where did pure aloe Vera gel, as I didn’t want one that was only 90%, I wanted the real deal! And I seen that Holland and Barrett had them, in two different sizes – a 100ml one and a 200ml one, however when I got to the store, there was only the 100ml one left! So I decided just to get that one and trial how it went!

I’ve had this gel for just over a week now, and still have so much left, as you only need a little bit, as it goes a long way. I started using a mascara wand at first to brush through my eyebrows, but now I just use it on my fingers, so that it’s like a coating! and honestly, I can really see a result, little hairs are starting to come back through my eyebrows, so I can’t wait to see the progress in a couple of weeks!

There is also another benefit guys! When I was reading about the benefits of Aloe Vera, it also said it helps with Acne and Scarring, so I have also been using the aloe Vera on my spots on my face, and I can’t believe how good my face looks honestly! I can’t wait to try it when a new spot appears, to see the benefits on this!

I haven’t tried it on scarring, as I don’t have any, but I feel that it would benefit this a lot too!

I will now post the link to the product, as I really recommend it to anyone, whether for eyebrows and eyelashes, acne or scarring!

Aloe Vera Gel

Thank you all for reading this post, and I will hopefully post more content like this soon,