Edinburgh, a beautiful city in a beautiful country (Scotland)

I visited here last Thursday – Sunday with my boyfriend for a short weekend away. We were undecided on where to go, but when we heard the Christmas Markets were opening on the Saturday we were sold!


So we travelled here on the train, grabbing a Costa on route, of course, and I’m obsessed with the new Christmas Cups, so cute! I got my gingerbread latte of course! Favourite Christmas drink, we then boarded the train. The journey roughly took about 3 hours, with a stop at Preston in between. We then finally got to Edinburgh, and checked in at the hotel before heading out for the rest of the afternoon!

We started by having a drink to start the holiday, before going to get my boyfriends haircut at the barbers – which of course I did research on! We found a lovely one called Backstage Barbers – which did a lovely job of his hair!

We then had a walk around, walking through the royal mile – which was near our hotel, and down through to Grassmarket which we stopped and had a drink at The Last Drop a pub which we visited last time!

Before heading home to Freshen up for our Tea that night! We hadn’t picked anywhere for Tea, so we just had a walk around the Royal Mile and found a burger place called Byron which had the most Devine burgers, I would definitely recommend this!

We then carried on for drinks, and found some nice bars to go into!


We started the day with a nice breakfast before going exploring some more!

This time we walked down Princes Street, round the gardens and looked up towards the castle!

before going to The Edinburgh Dungeons! We had booked this, and it was honestly so much fun! It was only £17.99, and it was such a good experience!

We then had some lunch at a pub,

before later going out for Tea which we had already booked aswell! We booked in at Cosmo which we went to the last time we came to Edinburgh!

It’s like an all you can eat, with different Cuisines – Italian, Indian, Chinese the works, and it’s always so nice, I just couldn’t enjoy much as my appetite was a bit off! We then ended the night with more drinks!


The first thing we did was have some breakfast! We went to an American Style Diner called City Cafe, I had some pancakes which were yummy, and my boyfriend had a Full Breakfast!

We walked up to the Castle, but didn’t go round it as we had already done this, and went on to do more exploring!

After this, we stopped for a nice Coffee in Saint Giles Cafe! Honestly the nicest coffee we had!

We then met up with my boyfriends friend before going off to explore the Christmas Markets!! Which were so good we did them twice in one day!

They were so pretty and full of lights, that I just had to get a selfie too – Well my boyfriend wouldn’t get one with me, so had to just do it for the gram!


We had a leisurely stroll around again before getting the train home!

It was such a lovely time, and I really enjoyed it! Can’t wait for the next trip again,

Talk soon,



Fall Outfits

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So I looked out the window today, and the colour of the leaves in my garden were so beautiful! A proper burnt orange colour – fall is really here!

I really love Summer – don’t get me wrong, it’s my favourite time of the year, and I’m never poorly – which makes me enjoy it more! But there’s so many clothes and outfits I want to get when I’m paid, that really are fall outfits!

Faux Fur Coat

I’ve never owned a faux fur coat, but I’ve always loved looking at them, and the feel of them is so nice! So I would like one for myself this year! I love my Borg coat, but I would also like a faux fur coat – I’ve not decided what colour yet, but I quite like this one at the moment from Pretty Little Thing


A girl can never have too many jumpers right? I have quite a few , I love being comfy, but I want more chunky knit ones, and a chunky knit cardigan is a must have this year! I love this one from Missguided

I also quite like this one from Pretty Little Thing

And this one from I Saw it First

Over the knee boots

So I actually used to own some over the knee boots, but I had to get rid – they just didn’t fit me right! I feel like the ones I had were also too high – so maybe some flatter ones – or comfier ones.


Im getting quite into fashion more at the minute, and I love looking at what other bloggers are wearing! I’ve always loved blazers, but never actually owned one – how I’ve managed this in 24 years, other than obviously wearing your school blazer – not really that fashionable – I will never know!

I love this one from River Island, the print just really stood out to me!


I always love to be cosy – whether it’s joggers and a crop, jumper, or loungewear! I’ve had a loungewear set before, but I think some new ones are over due! And I love the all in ones aswell!

So it’s payday tomorrow, I’m very excited, let’s see what I can get when I get paid, and I will show you! Might even start a YouTube channel to haul this!

Let me know all your favourite Fall Clothes!

Talk soon,



Weekend in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

I love to go on weekends away!

Last Weekend, I went to Swansea in Wales with my boyfriend – Rhys for his grandad’s 90th birthday!

Road trip

Rhys drove which was a lifesaver! Driving for almost 4 hours isn’t my thing – at all! I mean we did have a few stops off, which was better, to give us a rest. However, we did get stuck in some traffic on the way there, as there was a crash on the motorway, but it wasn’t for too long, so then we went back on our way again.

We obviously had a McDonalds breakfast to start the day, and on stop offs had some coffee, which was needed, as we were up since 6:30 !

The drive was quite easy really, no other problems, so we went on our way.


Once we got into Wales, there was nothing that crossed our mind more – than having our first Joe’s of the trip. If you’ve never had a Joe’s Ice Cream, you’re missing out! It’s a completely different revelation. You pick which toppings you want and everything, but you need to get the original, the taste just cannot be described, it’s irresistable!

So yummy!! The best thing was, it was right next to our hotel! Amazing news!!

After this, we went to visit his grandad for a while, before heading back to the hotel to check in and get ready!

Getting ready for the night

Jumpsuit – IntheStyle

Why is it that it takes guys literally like 15 minutes to get ready, and it takes girls about 2 hours?

However, this time I was on a time scale – an hour to get ready with eyeshadows and lashes – the works. It’s safe to say I didn’t curl my hair but I didn’t scrub up too badly!

The Jumpsuit I got was from IntheStyle about 3 years ago, I got it for my 21st – but I’ve literally wore it twice and I love it! I have getting rid of clothes I’ve barely worn, I find it such a waste, and it’s so comfy!

As I’m getting ready, Rhys walks out the hotel for a walk, and comes back with yet another Joe’s Ice Cream, I’m not complaining!

The night

It was such a lovely night, it was such a lovely pub, (The Shepherds Inn – Felindre) so homely, the staff were all wonderful, and the food was amazing – the portions could feed a whole family though! I ordered the Nachos for Starter and the Lasagne and Garlic Bread for mains, but there was so much garlic bread!

We also went back the next day for Sunday Lunch which was beautiful!

It was overall such a lovely trip; there was only one fault – The hotel!

The incident

6 am on a Sunday morning, after being tired from the night before, I wake up to this horrible screeching noise, and turn to Rhys who is up and currently putting clothes on – The fire alarm is going off, I have to put my big Borg coat on, and shove on some heels!

At 6am in the morning, I’m not messing around with Converse, especially not for a fire!! (Or so I thought)

So we walk out the hotel anyway – with me looking like a god knows what – as it looks like I’m barely wearing anything with short pyjamas on, over the road to a brewers fayre, where everyone is getting tea and coffee!

A guy then comes in, and makes a joke about his wife/girlfriend “farting” – as we were told it’s a gas leak in the hotel (which I was absolutely fuming about when we were asleep) which has us all in stitches, – well atleast until I then start bawling my eyes out, as I’m overly tired, – and then Rhys has the audacity to call me a Drama Queen – I mean me – get it right hun – I’m a princess!

We finally get let back in the room, at 6:20, to have a small nap before Rhys’ alarm goes off at 7:30 for the Rugby! – Oh the joys of having no sleep! (The good thing was, we got our money back for not having a good nights sleep)

We then watch the rugby, have Sunday lunch, and have one final Joe’s before setting off home!

I can’t wait for our return again, and for more weekends away!

Where do you like going for Weekends Away?

Talk soon,



Anniversary in Chester

Anniversaries are so important, and I’ve recently just celebrated my 4th Anniversary with my boyfriend in Chester. We fancied doing something a bit more than just going for a meal, so we went away for the weekend to Chester.

I love Chester, it’s such a beautiful place to just relax, and go looking around and do a bit of shopping whilst you are there. We went last Friday afternoon, staying in the Hallmark hotel the Queen, which was opposite the train station conveniently for us – as this time we got the train. As we got to reception they informed us that they had upgraded our room – free of charge, which was amazing! We already had a good room – but we got one of the best rooms instead.

This was our room

After we had dropped the bags off and unpacked, we went for a walk around Chester doing a bit of shopping, before coming back to get ready for our first night there.

We went to Hickory’s Smokehouse for our meal this night! It was a lovely steakhouse, and we both got the burgers which were amazing!! I got the Hickory’s famous burger, and my boyfriend got the Go Big or Go Home burger! Which we both thoroughly enjoyed!

I also really enjoyed my Frozen Pornstar Cocktail, and my Waffle and icecream for desert!

After we had finished here, we went for a drink in Piccolino’s which was okay, and then finished at a quiet bar nearer to the hotel.

The next day, we had breakfast in the hotel, being greeted with a Buck’s Fizz!

After this, we went for a walk by the river, and enjoyed a lovely ice cream and coffee, apart from the swarming wasps, we had the best weather!

We had another look around, before going back to get ready for our Anniversary meal!

For this, we had booked a restaurant called Opera Grill – which I couldn’t recommend enough! The service was exceptional, and the food was amazing! It’s good for price aswell – we ordered the most expensive thing on the menu – but it was worth it!

For starters, we shared some olives and flatbread and Humous, I also had tempura King Prawns, and my boyfriend had Oysters, and we had a Cocktail and beer.

And for mains we shared Chateaubriand, which was beautifully cooked!

We finished this night with some cocktails and went to a pub later on for some more drinks!

On our last day, we had breakfast in the town centre enjoying some Eggs Benedict, I had a pot of tea with this, and my boyfriend had some fresh orange!

Mine is the one with Bacon, my boyfriend had his with ham.

All in all, Chester is one of my favourite places to visit, with so much to do, and I would highly recommend going if you haven’t already!

Hope you have enjoyed this,

Talk soon,



My first Tattoo

Tattoo’s can be a bit of a touchy subject – get it? Hahah!

No but in all seriousness, it’s something you need to think about before getting one – which is exactly what I did!

I recently got my own tattoo after thinking it over for 3 years, with the exact image I wanted.

For a while now, I’ve wanted a Palm Tree tattoo. I’m not one to go with popular tattoo’s or anything like that, I want my tattoo’s to have a meaning. And I’ve always loved Palm Tree’s when I’m away, which is when I am happiest, which is part of the reason.

So as some of you may know if you have been reading my posts for a while, at the start of the year I went through a lot – battling with depression, stress and anxiety which all really affected me.

– See my post here :


I also asked for recommendations of the best tattoo parlours to go too. From this, I then booked in with one, and put my deposit down – it was happening. No turning back now.

The tattoo design was then sketched and placed in the area I wanted it –my lower left leg, and I was then shown to the tattoo room, and the tattoo’Ing began. Within 10-15 minutes, it was over, with minimal pain. The tattooist was so reassuring aswell.

And the results show the amazing work!

(Ignore the few hairs on my leg – I’m dark haired so the hair grows back fast – this was just after the tattoo)

I’m not rushing into getting any more tattoo’s – only if they have meanings, but I know where I would like my next tattoo and along the lines of what I want.

The advice I would give is if you want it, definitely do it, just make sure you do your research!

Talk again soon,



Fuerteventura 2019 🌴💕

Holidays are the best part of every year right? It’s what you look forward to all year, and as soon as it comes around, it’s over in 5 minutes, which is so sad, right?

You have to make the most of every minute whilst it lasts and the holiday I had this year, I definitely did that! This years holiday was the best holiday I’ve ever had, which, in result ended up in me finally getting my palm tree tattoo, so I couldn’t of asked for a better result!

This year, we booked our holiday spontaneously with two or three months til we actually flew away – crazy right, and this sent me a bit over the edge as I like to plan things before hand, and we hadn’t properly looked into the hotel or much others to be fair!

However- looking back, it was the best choice we made! Going to a place we had never been before, and making memories that last a lifetime.

So we stayed in a place called Costa Calma in Fuerteventura, which is a quiet area, with only a few bars and restaurants nearby, but this was the kind of holiday we wanted – to relax, and the food and drink in the hotel we stayed at, was just as good anyway, and all inclusive which is even better! The hotel was part of the SBH collections, and the entertainment team, was the highlight of this, making our holiday so fun and entertaining!!

The weather was just right too – don’t get me wrong, in the beginning I was a tiny bit annoyed, because if you didn’t already know – Fuerteventura is known as “the windy island” so although it is quite hot, there is a breeze along with this, and this annoyed me, because I thought I wouldn’t feel the heat – how wrong I was, I got burnt on the first day! Traumatising, Aloe Vera to the rescue! I swear by Aloe Vera, and it helped with the healing process so much, as long as it’s 100%, and the shop in the hotel sold this, as well as also having a mini stall set up downstairs in the hotel!

On part of our holiday, we went to the Oasis Park, which was about a 5-10 minute drive away from our hotel. This was a Conservation Park, and was full of beautiful animals! The best part was that I got to feed my favourite animal – a giraffe 🦒! So so lucky!!

We also engaged in a Lemur experience, in which the Lemurs sat on your heads / shoulders whilst eating out of shells placed just above your heads – amazing!

Please ignore my ugly self

Best experience ever, I really recommend you going, if you go to Fuerteventura!

We also did a day excursion to a nearby place called Playa de Jandia, which had a few duty free perfume shops, and knock off shops, and legit shops like Tommy Hilfiger, and a shop that looked like Schuh, I didn’t get anything, but my boyfriend got some new aftershave!

There was a lovely Irish bar here, which we got recommended for food, which was called Simons Kitchen! We had some nice pub food, and my boyfriend finally got his pint of Guinness –

One thing about my boyfriend is he really enjoys his pint of Guinness, it’s his favourite drink, I don’t mind this though, as I’m part Irish.

It was so nice here that we had to come here again before we came home – the bonus was, it was only €5 for both of us each way! Which is amazing!

There was also a lovely Icecream place aswell, which did Carte Dior, and also made iced coffee using this ice cream aswell. We both had some ice cream and it was gorgeous!

On our last trip here, we had a lovely meal in a Spanish restaurant called La Bodega, which was exceptional! The service was amazing, and the owner was just so friendly! The food was beautiful as well, we got he set menu he recommended and I could not fault any of it!

There’s something about holidays which just makes me feel so good about myself, it gives me such a good headspace, which is why I look forward to it all year!

Roll on the next holiday!

Talk soon,



Taking control of my mental health

Mental Health is something that is discussed a lot more these days, but still not enough. I am lucky enough to have been open about my own mental health and was able to receive the support I needed for this.

A lot of my previous posts, I have set myself the goal to continue with my counselling, as I could see improvements within myself, but I also set myself goals to make myself happier within myself. See my March post for example –


I am a very organised person, and I like to make lists so I know what I have to look forward too, which I think helps with my happiness aswell, some of my family laugh at this – but I know it is the best thing for myself so I will never stop doing it for their accord.

I am happy to say that this along with the cbt sessions I received has meant that my counsellor has now given me the chance to receive extra help if I need it, or I could get signed off, as she told me that she has seen a massive improvement in myself, which I have also seen. This is a huge step for me, and it makes me so emotionally happy!

I would definitely recommend the sessions to anyone if you can do it, and just to let you know that you are not alone – try and talk to someone if you can, and I am always here if anyone ever needs to talk, it is something that should always be talked about and not just brushed under the carpet, as we know this is something that happens in some people’s cases – celebrities included but not just celebrities.

I know I’ve not blogged in a while, but I’ve been trying to think of something to write about and there is nothing as real and special as this post is, so I hope you all read it as much as my other posts.

Talk again soon,